We have a comprehensive in-house machine shop, which allows us to perform anything from simple boring and turning operations, to offering finished precision machining to your specific requirements.

We are also proud to carry the Made in Sheffield mark on our machined items.

Made in Sheffield Main capabilities includes Deep hole boring, Milling, Trepanning, Turning

First stage Machining

We offer first stage machining on our stock bar as well as on forgings to take them to near net shapes. This not only reduces your finish machining costs, but also allows you to concentrate on the finishing processes. Furthermore, this process allows us to carry out NDT to more precise specifications.

Typical first stage processes would be:

  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Trepanning
  • Deep Hole Boring
  • Milling

Precision Machining

Along with first stage machining we can also offer finished machined items through our diverse plant and equipment. This means we can offer a one-stop-shop approach for your requirements. Through understanding our metals and how they behave under machining, we can also assist on first article and R&D requirements.

The diversity offered by our plant list means we can perform a range of processes on one machine. As a result, we can reduce set up times and improve efficiency as components don’t need to be moved between machines.


Our main capabilities are as follows, however we treat each job on an individual basis to assess how we can best fulfill your requirements.

Deep Hole Boring

Ryazan Deep Hole BorerMin ODMax ODMin BoreMax BoreMax Length
60mm 410mm 41mm 135mm 4000mm


 Max travelMax odMax length
OKUMA MB8000-H 1300mm 1100mm 1250mm


BroadbentMin ODMax ODMax Length
150mm 600mm 4000mm

Milling & Turning

 Min ODMax ODMax Length
Doosan Model 480 x I 10mm 300mm 450mm
Mazak ST60 10mm 300mm 450mm


 Min ODMax ODMax Length
Doosan Model 480 x I 100mm 650mm 3000mm
Mazak ST60 50mm 710mm 4000mm
Doosan S310 10mm 310mm 450mm
Doosan Dooturn 4 10mm 390mm 730mm
XYZ Model 555 10mm 350mm 900mm
Mazak Nexus 250 10mm 300mm 450mm


 Min ODMax ODMax Length
Delapena E2000 10mm 150mm 300mm

Wire Eroding

 Max x TravelMax Y TravelMax Z Travel
Fanuc a-C600iA 600 400 300