Our Alloys

We carry a comprehensive range of stock in metric and imperial sizes depending on the grade of material. All of our bars come with a bright machined finish, meaning you can order close to your finished size and minimise waste. Along with our in house machine shop, we also work closely with local forges and grinding companies that means we can offer bespoke sizes and shapes as required.

For more information on the grades please click on the alloy below to see a grade overview including technical, machining and cutting data.

If you do not see your grade here, please contact our sales team to see if we can source it for you.


We can cater for bespoke sizes and shapes with our in house machine shop and partnerships with local forges and grinders


Core Stock Grades

Nickel Alloys

Please click on the blue alloys below for more details or the product reference guide for an overview.

GradeKnown asDiameter Size Range
718 – ‘API’ Inconel® 12.700 - 310.000mm
718 – ‘High Strength’ Inconel® 50.800 - 228.600mm
625 Inconel® 12.700 - 260.000mm
725 Inconel® 45.000 - 280.000mm
925 Inconel® 76.200 - 152.400mm
825 Incoloy® 20.000 - 254.000mm
400 NA13
9.525 - 254.000mm
500 NA18
12.700 - 254.000mm

Copper Alloys

GradeKnown asSize Range
833 DEF STAN 02-833
NES 833
25.400 - 285.750mm
CA104 BSB 23
DTD 197
20.000 - 203.200mm
780 DEF STAN 02-780 70/30 19.050 - 254.000mm

Specialist Alloys

GradeTrade NameSize Range
286 660B/660D 12.700 - 450.000mm
F55 Super Duplex 15.875 - 44.450mm
Titanium 6AL-4V Grade 5   12.700 - 160.000mm
Alloy R41   60.000 - 282.000mm
Invar   12.000 - 76.200mm
Super Invar   12.700 - 40.000mm
Kovar   3.000 - 20.000mm

Contract Grades

These grades are carried in some sizes, primarily on a contract basis. If you have requirements for these, please contact our sales department.

Waspaloy Alloy 42 AMS 4616
Alloy 80 A DEF STAN 834 AMS 4640
Maraging C250 DEF STAN 838 AMS 4590
Maraging C300 NES 835 MSRR 8501
Maraging C350 DTD 498 MSRR 8503
Titanium 6AL-4V ELI 17/4 PH MSRR 8506
PH 13/8 Mo C263 15/5PH